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十一月 23, 2020

Su Qin is a student of Vocal Music College, majoring in piano, and her beautiful hands made her look more. The owner of the hand is very handsome, his black and white eyes are flexible and pure, and his delicate face has a sunny smile. He scooped out a bowl of bean curd from the wooden barrel, quickly tore off a plastic bag and opened it, poured it into the bag and handed it to Su Qin: "A bowl of bean curd for three yuan, thank you for your patronage."

Su Qin was distracted just now, she hurriedly took out her wallet, took out a ten yuan denomination of soft sister coin and handed it over. The young man found change, and flexibly shuttled his hands across the stalls, neatly arranged the buckwheat tofu, money tofu, dried tofu, etc., and finally picked up the large colander on the table and removed the golden tofu **** from the oil. Fished out of the pot.

"Perhaps he is a student like himself, just accidentally come to help his family!" Su Qin thought to himself and couldn't help asking: "Do you sell tofu here every day?"

"Good... good."

Su Qin was proud of her wit, but the young man's answer made her lose consciousness again because the answer was beyond her expectation. She became more curious about the young man, but she couldn't get to the bottom of the question, so she could only leave angrily. Before leaving, she couldn't help but look back at the young man selling tofu.


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