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一月 18, 2021

"Oh, okay!"

Song Jian picked up the leaflet that the person had just thrown to the ground, shook it twice, and walked towards the next passer by expressionlessly. After graduating from sales for more than a month, I didn't make much money. The only gain was that my skin was thicker.

Walking in the stream of people, walking towards the next passerby.

Tong Songjian turned his head and saw that he was a colleague named Zhao Yu. The company he joined at the same time was a newcomer. On the surface, the relationship between the two was pretty good.

When I first joined the company, the newcomer's task was to distribute leaflets. Each person's workload was at least 3,000. It was only half an hour later, and Zhao Yu turned out all the leaflets, which surprised Song Jian.


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