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语言: 汉语

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十一月 16, 2020

Yao Bingbing had dreamed of an iPhone 6 before, but at this time said dismissively: "I don't want this broken cell phone. From now on, you're dumped by me."

Chen Xiaobei felt like he was being bombarded by Wulei, and his mind was suddenly blank.

小 As a rural child, Chen Xiaobei not only skipped classes and took part-time jobs, but also saved half of his living expenses in order to buy this mobile phone. After working hard for more than three months, he finally bought it.

"Why !?" Chen Xiaobei growled.

Yao Bingbing raised the bag in his hand and teased, "Limited edition of Lv is not enough to sell you. My new boyfriend swipes the card, how much to buy! Is this reason enough?"


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