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30 Chapters 711 views Commander of the Mongolian Navy Author 2020 Year

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November 09, 2020

"Huh, the three-year mission period is finally over, my sister, I'm back." Finally back to the familiar land, I yelled out the excitement in my heart. Suddenly the people around me looked at me like a pervert. I had to quickly pick up my backpack and ran away gray, "Huh, the charm of my sister's cute creature, this group of people will not understand." I murmured in my heart as I ran.

My name is Tang Yubai, I’m 17 years old, I’m 180, I have a bright and sunny face, and I have blue hair in the lake. Just being executed the task of an unscrupulous old man, I have not returned home for three years, making me miss everything at home. Especially my sister, Tang Yufei. My sister is 16 years old this year, but has a height of 165cm, a slender and slender figure, a standard melon seed face, often eyelashes, a pair of big talking eyes, a small nose, lips like cherry blossom petals, a long soft black hair Drop naturally to the waist. The standard beauty, what attracts me most is the sister's pair of long legs. The legs are thin, long, straight, white, and full of five points. It seems to be an artwork created by heaven. Although I like my sister very much, I haven't reached the point of orthopedics, I just protect my sister like a treasure.

"Little Fei Fei, I'm back, do you miss me? Your dearest brother is back." After opening the door, I said loudly to the house.

There was a strange silence at home, and suddenly there was a noise in the kitchen. "Haha, I knew I was back, so I prepared a big meal for me in the kitchen, oh yeah, my sister really likes me, my brother is so happy." I flew the backpack in my hand to the sofa, Said happily to the kitchen.

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