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60 Chapters 2.03K views One Wash In The River Author 2020 Year

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November 07, 2020

"The palace gate, the palace gate can't be kept!"

"Where is Your Majesty! The Golden Robe Guard will send His Majesty out of the palace soon."

"Arrow! Arrow!"

It was early winter, and the cold night covered the palace city that stood for thousands of years. The originally silent night was hustle and bustle by the fire. After a long ambush, the besieger besieged the emperor's capital for more than a month, and finally he carefully tested it, tore his camouflage, exposed his claws, and issued a final violent attack.

The long ladder of the rebels hit the palace wall, and the sharp sword pierced the armor of the garrison on the wall, killing the hungry soldier sharply. The warm blood sprayed on the dark walls and coagulated in an instant. The fire was so fierce that there was a hand-to-hand handover and the wailing of flesh and blood.

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