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30 Chapters 736 views Bina Mingju Tuanzi Author 2020 Year

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November 10, 2020

  The dazzling afternoon sunlight was reflected on the billboard, and Yi Chou slowly walked in Times Square. Unlike the crowds or crowds who were eager to rush off, Yi Chou was not in a hurry.

"Okay. Very good, there is still an hour, and there is plenty of time, if I know where the **** company is!" Yi Chou was suspicious of his IQ for the first time, he had been in New York for two days, But the **** company has not been found.

  Yihou always thinks he is very smart, in fact it is. He was an orphan. Since he was a baby, he was abandoned in front of an orphanage in Shanghai. Hearing the aunt said that there was no token, no jade pendant, and he was not covered in blood in front of the door. Mother, of course, what age this is.

  Yi's name comes from the code name. When he came, it happened to be vacant on the 1st. Later, he took the transliteration Yi. As for the arrogant character, he chose it himself, because he felt that the word had a destiny with him.

As for why he is smart, Yi Biao started to understand the world when he was one or two years old, and Yi Biao felt that no one would recognize his situation at the age of three and learn to hide because he had already Knowing that genius is not a good thing, so after three years old, he did not have any shocking performance, just like other children, um. . Thanks also to him for not speaking before he was three years old.

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