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Immortal Executioner (Zhanxian) english

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November 07, 2020

When people say that they are dying, they will think of a lot of things they have done in their lifetime, especially those that are missed, regretted, and most unwilling. Yang Chen is now in such a situation.

The first one that flashed in my mind was the situation when Yang Chen was wanted to sue no way to go. The culprit screamed in front of Yang Chen’s eyes, but Yang Chen was seriously injured and could not resist.

"People are killing me, things are what I do, then what? Now who will believe you? You are the murderer!" Yang Xiao’s smirk on his face was incomparably clear in front of Yang Chen’s eyes: "Tell you, I sent the news out. It was the Taitianmen who came to me. I killed him. I am relying on you. What about it?"

"You are despicable!" Yang Chen, who was seriously injured, could not confront Yang Lan at first. He could only grieve.

"What are you? Are you also equipped with Wannian Zhuguo? You don't sneak into the urine to look at yourself?" Yang Lan sneered: "I told you to Tiantianmen, you are eager to see the Tianmen and the Lord." If you kill the murderer, Taitianmen rewards me with Zhuguo, but kills you. If you blame, you blame you for not knowing the current affairs. When you handed over the Zhuguo, did you not have anything? You are a housekeeper. The raw oysters, also with Zhu Guo? Also dare to reject my request?"

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Immortal Executioner (Zhanxian) english novel

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