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November 07, 2020

Da Xia is too strong. This millennium is the millennium of Da Xia. Megatron China is unrivaled. On the vast land of Shenzhou, there are more than 100 dynasties. Only Da Xia stands for millennia. The millennium does not fall.

The decay of Shengji is an irreversible law. The invincible Daxia cannot be invincible forever. In the past 100 years, the signs of decline have begun to appear. The Ming dynasty has not appeared, and the virtuous minister has withered. The Yongye God Church also reappeared in the world, and the future of the Xia Dynasty is far less beautiful than it looks today.

The emperor of Daxia is not enlightened. Compared with the emperors who expanded the territory of Daxia in the past, it is not a little bit of a star. Fortunately, the heritage laid by the first generation of Daxia is thick enough, and the contemporary emperor is not stunned to nothing. , No big deal.

The ancient Mongolian king Ting Tie of the North has crossed the boundaries of the North Zhangyuan several times. Seeing the majesty of Da Xia as nothing, the main battle between the DPRK and China and the dispute between the host and the host become more and more fierce. Indecision and indecision, the attitude towards the ancient Mongolian king's court has always been ambiguous, neither war nor peace.

However, compared with the ancient Mongolian court in the north, the biggest headache for Da Xiazi is still the resurgence of the Yongye Gods. The origin of the Yongye Gods has a long history. The ancestors prospered in spring and autumn, and strongly suppressed the Yongye gods, making them almost destroyed. However, after thousands of years of silence and recovery, the return of Yongye is an inevitable scourge.

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