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30 Chapters 2.87K views Wu Zhe Author 2020 Year

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January 06, 2021

The car has been driving for almost three hours. The sky outside the window is still very gloomy. The girl sitting next to her is still sleeping, her head is firmly resting on his shoulder, and the right shoulder is numb.

He shrugged a little irritably. The girl just tilted her head. He pushed the girl's head away with his fingers, but within a few seconds, her head buckled back on his shoulder.

This action has been repeated many times, and he felt that the girl was not asleep, and the effect was unconscious.


How long can I get to the station? He doesn't know. When he got the ticket, he didn't check it. He just knew that he was going to a small town that he hadn't even heard of before the trip.

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