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January 26, 2021

  Today's Tsinghua University, this famous college of higher learning in the country has come to a world-renowned business figure. In fact, he came here many years ago to give a speech. This person is one of the most famous business godfathers in China today, and the founder of Alibaba's business empire, whose market value once reached 300 billion US dollars-Jack Ma.

Ren Hong is just nineteen years old this year. He is a self-taught top student. He has lived at Tsinghua University for a year and a half so far, but today he has made a very important decision, that is, preparing to drop out. Entrepreneurship, or suspension of school.

   Because he felt that the school could not teach him more, even though he had just entered sophomore year.

   "Mr. Jack Ma, may I ask..."

On the way to the Academic Affairs Office, Ren Hong just witnessed this scene. After the speech, Ma Yun just passed by here. Dozens of reporters whirled around the business godfather's non-stop interviews. The students stayed on the periphery and the reporters were crazy. The crowd of security guards and Jack Ma's smile are so lively. Ren Hong watched what happened, he still didn't stop. It just so happened that Ma Yun's unintentional eyes just saw Ren Hong, this business man showed a polite smile, and Ren Hong responded politely. There is no such thing as excitement or excitement, but a calm response is a natural confidence and calmness.

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